Projects for 2020-2021

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Neon Paradise

Draft 1 Completed 10/26/2020

When a fraudulent psychic is called to help save an “haunted” motel from foreclosure, she finds herself trapped within as one of its permanent guests with only her past and the secrets of the other inhabitants as clues to escape.

Coming Soon Neon Light

Hazel's Diary

June, 2023

When an adult woman in her 30's is killed very suddenly the night of her high school reunion, she wakes up very suddenly up 20 years earlier in her old teen body. With only her memories of the future and her trusty diary as a guide, she must now hunt for the person destined to kill her,  relive high school , relearn what it means to be a teen in order to save her town from its fated doom.

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The Mask Maker

NaNoWriMo 2020 Novel

Anri, at best, hoped to keep her job as a library apprentice in her small town famous labelling her as the village 'deadweight' at least until the end of next Winter. But not all is as it seems when The Mask Maker comes to town, a mysterious figure who enchants the village for the few days before he disappears, leaving behind only one a mask that Anri mistakenly picks up in his wake. Now with the mask in hand, Anri soon discovers a much scarier truth behind the Mask Maker's identify as she puts it on and finds herself transformed into the form of Grimmrule, the once-king of the land, lost for centuries, bound to the mask by his soul. Together, Anri and Grimm embark on a journey to set his soul free that will take them deep into the forgotten lands, where they will have to work together and overcome the centuries of squalor plaguing the kingdom and find a way to break the curse of The Mask Maker before he find them and binds them both forever.


2019 - 2020 Sceenplay

All work is Safe for Work Review.

Image by Nick Karvounis

Devil's Tongue

Short Script Completed Third Year at USC Updated Draft, March 2020

After being dealt a death row sentence, Sylvia has resigned herself to the fated execution awaiting her. That is until a mysterious boy, Mors Maebara, visits her prison, offering a new lease on life for any prisoner can satisfy his less than ordinary palette and become his new chef.

Bel Heiress

Finished December 2019, Rewrite up in May 2020

Law school dropout, Jane Duarte, manages to land herself a job as a personal nanny to Cally, daughter to the billionaire media mogul family, The Decaspiens. However, unlike regular babysitters, being a celebrity nanny is more than just a 24/7 job that demands far more than the imagination can conjure. As Jane navigates the world of power, riches and fame, can she save Cally from the corrupting forces that await her in this life, and most importantly, can Jane even save herself?
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Image by Anastase Maragos

2018 - 2019 Screenplay Samples

All work is Safe for Work Review.

All work listed was written in 2018. For earlier years, please contact and inquire.

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Statue Queen

Script Completed First Year at USC Updated Draft, June 2018

Medusa is alive in the 21st century in the form Linda Shuman, average mortal to some and famous sculptor to all, known for her shocking ability to bring even the most dynamic statues to life. However, little does she know she's the only myth whose been reincarnated in this new era and certainly not the only one with a few grudges left over. Can she find a way to keep her new better life while the old scores from her past come back to haunt her? For latest draft, please contact. 
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My Teacher is an Immortal
(Screenplay short)

Finished August 2018

Jordan and Kiki have long theorized that their enigmatic history teacher, Augustus Von Ivor, is secretly an immortal creature; now as they prepare to graduate high school, their plan to unveil his true identity after all these years starts to fall into place. 
*USC 480 Script Semi-Finalist


Video Game Work


The Witch List

Narrative Lead (2019 - 2020)

Magic & mischief await you in The Witch List, a social mobile game. Join your coven of friends and curse your enemies in a gesture-based combat. 
As a witch or warlock, collect ingredients to create potions, learn wicked spells, and engage in exciting gesture based spell-casting against your foes!


End Of The Line

Narrative Lead and Lead of Editing (2018 - 2019)

End of the Line, is an episodic story-driven survival game where the player manages the crew of their train while navigating the mysterious railways of a post-apocalyptic fantasy landscape.

Throughout their journey, the player must make tough decisions with mortal consequences, explore wildly disparate locations in order to build friendships, acquire various tools, maintain their steam engine, and chase after a strange voice that beckons them to travel towards the fabled End of the Line: the last stop on the railway, farther east than anyone has ever been.


Sea of Stars

Game Deck created for Storytelling for Games Class at USC (Spring 2018)

(Action RPG, 16-bit adventure game)

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